Welcome to the Functional and Integrative Manual Medicine Institute, the home for Primary Healthcare Practitioners using hands on care, and its voluntary Register.

This is a voluntary Register for Practitioners, and a Professional Association to promote and educate members and the public about the contribution manual medicine approaches can have for health and wellbeing.

This Register – the General Functional and Integrative Manual Medicine Council – is open to practitioners who hold a registrable professional qualification in Osteopathy, Chiropractic or Physiotherapy, or have been previously registered with a relevant statutory body, and who wish to join a Register of Independent Practitioners.

This Register is for practitioners undertaking allied health and primary healthcare practice roles using a primarily hands on approach to healthcare practice. General membership of the Register is focused on practitioners who have a primarily musculoskeletal medicine field of care, using integrative manual medicine perspectives.

Integrative Manual Medicine practice acknowledges that there are many common components to hands on care, and many biomechanical, neuroscience and biopsychosocial components are relevant to all healthcare approaches regardless of one’s original professional qualification. Additionally there are a arrange of adjuncts and supplementary approaches that members can develop and / or take training in such as exercise science, yoga and movement practices, body awareness and trauma management dynamics, for example to improve patient evaluation and patient outcomes. Accordingly practitioners who no longer solely identify with one or other strictly defined professional approach or regulatory framework such as osteopathy, physiotherapy or chiropractic for example, may wish to practice in a broader and more integrative manner without the limitations of a singular professional identity being present.

Endorsements to Registration.

The Register has an additional endorsed section for practitioners who have undertaken specialised training in Functional Medicine and who seek to integrate it with manual approaches, and in Somatopathic Practice.

Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Functional medicine is regulated by………and the GFIMMC here seeks to regulate the inclusion of manual medicine approaches with this domain.

Somatopathic Practice is an independent healthcare practice utilising somatophysiological, somatoemotional and somatofunctional concepts. It recognises the fundamental interaction between the body, the mind and the spirit and the self regulation of the body. It recognises the contribution of the body and its tissues and structures to the pathogenesis of disease, dysfunction and disequilibrium across the mind-body spectrum and acknowledges the primary role of hands on and manual approaches in health care. The field of care associated with Somatopathic practice is that of general health, illness, wellbeing and agency. It is not a primarily musculoskeletal medicine practice despite a hands on approach being it main therapeutic modality.

The Register exists to develop and maintain professional standards for practice of its members, for the protection of the public and for the advancement of healthcare choices for the public.